August 2021 Update

School starts for the Collin College students next week and our staff team is gearing up to welcome tons of new students to the campuses! The first week of August our staff went on retreat to spend time in prayer and worship, preparing our minds and hearts for the school year ahead. The location of our retreat was the same place where we used to have Winter Camp when I was a student at UTD 12 years ago! It was mind-blowing to see that our current staff team is almost the same size as what all of FOCUS once was. God has done amazing things! 

Our entire staff team at retreat

Having lunch with some nice weather outside

Our Collin female staff this year (minus one)
L to R: me, Alex, Orion, Adriana & Jacy

Immediately after Staff Retreat we took about 200 students across the FOCUS campuses to Texas SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry). Due to COVID we were unable to send our students to Washington this year, so we decided to have our own SICM in the Texas Hill Country. Our staff taught each of the sessions and our students had time to bond together as a leader team. We are hopeful that COVID does not prevent us from reaching students on campus this fall. Please be in prayer for the health and safety of our staff and students as we reach the lost. 

Our view at SICM. Can't believe this beauty exists in Texas!

An apprentice prays with a student during Worship Night

I decided to join in on the dance party and make a fool of myself.
Thankfully the students still want to be my friend :)

Thank you so much for your faithful generosity and prayers, especially during such a challenging time for college students. I hope that this time next month I'll be updating you on some amazing stories of God's work at Collin. Thank you for reading and supporting me as I do what God has called me to!

With love, 

Danielle <3


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