Friday, July 26, 2013

From the Beginning

Hello family, friends, and supporters! I have never written a blog before but this year I'm going to have lots of "firsts." I can't believe that July is coming to a close, and I'm about to start my internship with FOCUS in less than a week! I'm so excited for this new step in my life and am glad that you'll be a part of it as well!

To give a brief history of where I started and how I got here, I have to preface it with: I never imagined this. I graduated from UTD with my master's in Communication Disorders in 2011 after having been involved with FOCUS for 4 years. This idea of applying for the campus ministry internship had planted itself in my brain soon after graduating, but after some prayer and important conversations, I decided at the time that it wasn't the right choice for me. So I went to work full time as a Speech-Language Pathologist and experienced the "real world" outside of college. A year and a half went by and I thought I was done with campus ministry forever. However, God had different plans! During the time that I was working, God placed the city of Denton in my head. I didn't know why, but I kept it on the shelf and went about my business. The church that I attend, The Northeast Church, had been talking about planting a new church in Denton and encouraged us to consider moving up there to help. Month after month, I kept receiving little nudges from God to do just that. When I finally spoke with one of my mentors, Mandy, about this idea, she immediately offered me the opportunity to help the leaders of FOCUS at the University of North Texas campus in Denton. This gave me a chance to get involved, make some friends, and decide whether or not moving to Denton was really something I could do. Needless to say, I loved every minute of it. I got to know some great people, worked with some awesome leaders, and learned a lot about ministry. The experience reminded me of how much I love campus ministry and couldn't stand to be away for very long! So the campus ministry internship became the natural next step for me. Although I was worried about quitting my job and pressing pause on my career, I knew it was something God wanted me to do. 

So here I am, getting ready to move to Denton and start this crazy journey. As it turns out, I won't have to quit my job and I still get to work several hours a week to keep up with my profession. GOD IS SO GOOD! He continues to provide for me in so many ways and I am so pumped to devote this next year to God and His people. Please keep me and the students of UNT in your prayers! I know God will do awesome things!