Monday, July 2, 2018

Sweet Summer---Danielle's July Update

I want to apologize that it's been a bit since my last post. June was a bit of a whirlwind for me! At the beginning of the month Matt and I were slowly packing and making the move from Denton to Plano. Immediately after, we made a last minute trip to South Dakota to visit some of his family there, including his grandmother who is recovering from a stroke. Once we got back we were able to settle into our new place...and then all of our friends on FOCUS staff got married every weekend in June! I was heavily involved in two of the weddings and Matt was also involved in one. We have one more wedding to attend this week and then we get a break for a bit! Here are some photos of our sweet friends and co-ministers getting married: 
Image may contain: 2 people, including Tate Hollingsworth, people smiling, people standing
Aaron Hollingsworth with his bride Tate. Aaron is one of my dearest friends and was a fellow staff member in Denton for the past two years. Tate is one of our UNT students and was in my peer team in the Spring. So happy for them!

Image may contain: 3 people, including Sloan Cannedy, people smiling, people standing and wedding
Sirak and Sloan getting married. Sirak works on the UTD team and Sloan and I will be working together on the Collin College team this year! They are sweet friends of mine and I'm excited to be closer to them in Plano now!
Image may contain: 2 people, including Sarah King, people smiling, people standing
My best friend, Sarah King, getting married to my other dear friend Brandon Worsham. Sarah is on the Arlington team and Brandon is our FOCUS Director and does ministry at UTD. I'm so excited that they are FINALLY married! They will also be living in Plano nearby!
In other FOCUS news, we are packing out the church every Thursday night as we gather for Summer FOCUS in Richardson. All eleven---that's right, I said eleven---of our campus ministries are meeting together over the summer and it has been a blast! Our sermon series is about getting behind Jesus, our rightful place as disciples. I get to preach next week, so be praying that the Spirit gives me the words he wants his students to hear, and that I would be able to deliver it clearly. I love that so many of our students still make it a priority to spend time in fellowship and the Word even though it's summer. 

Thursday nights at Summer FOCUS. We have a large crowd! 

Finally, I am still in a season of fundraising and am always on the lookout for new partners that are passionate about college students and/or spreading the gospel. Please let me know if you have any friends or family members that would be excited to join in the mission with me! Thanks to all of you who have continued to give your money, time and prayers to this ministry. We couldn't do this without you!! 

Much love!