Monday, April 3, 2017

Danielle's April Update

Our biggest event in March was SSI (Student Spring Impact) where students from Western Washington University came down to North Texas for their Spring Break to reach out to students on our campuses and tell them about Jesus. We had a group of 12 students come to Denton for the week and they were such a fun group!

Matt sitting with the SSI ladies by the pool

The SSI Team with the Denton Staff
Our campus outreach consisted of display boards and conversations with challenging questions for Christians and non-Christians to ponder. We were out on each of the campuses, UNT, TWU, and NCTC every day of the week to reach as many as possible. We allowed students to write their answers to our questions in order to facilitate open conversation about the hurt that non-Christians have experienced, as well as an opportunity for Christians to apologize. 

FOCUS students engaging in conversation at TWU

"Christians: How are you sorry for the way the church has misrepresented Christ? Non-Christians: What is your biggest complaint about Christians?"

Me talking to a student at UNT

"Christians: How can we best represent Jesus to our world? Non-Christians: What would you like to see Christians do differently?"

I had conversations with some non-Christians who had issue with the way people in the church have been hypocritical. We talked through some of the hurt and pain they experienced, and allowed them a positive interaction with a Christian who would listen. My husband Matt actually ran into one of his friends from the rock climbing gym on campus and found out that he was a Christian because of our display boards. Matt is now trying to build a deeper friendship with him and talk about faith. What a neat God deal!

TWU FOCUS during SSI Week. It was packed!

We had some relaxing hammock time at the park while the SSI students debriefed the day

We took the Washington students to Fort Worth for their "fun day" so they could get a good ole Texas experience :)

It wasn't long after SSI week was over that we had another big event: the Spring Showcase! Many of you were in attendance, and I'm sure you would agree, it was a fantastic show!

The panoramic view of all those who came to Showcase!

Thanks to all of you who came to support our SICM students! We are so excited about the trip coming in May and Spring Showcase is the number one way we can help our students get there!

April is our last full month of classes which means that our ministry is winding down and preparing students for the end of the year. We have scheduled a Spring Formal for the Denton students on April 30 to celebrate the year and what God has done. We are looking forward to it! Stay tuned for next month's blog where I promise to have pictures of the event.

Lastly, here is our student testimony of the month, one of our very own from Denton!

Thank you so much for reading and for your support for this ministry! 

Much love,