Monday, July 3, 2017

Your Giving Matters --Danielle's July Update

As I was reflecting on what to share with you this month, I was reminded of a sermon I heard while visiting Hillcrest Church in Bellingham, Washington during our SICM trip.  Jonathan Lytle, a campus missionary at Western Washington University, spoke about the relationship between missionaries and their ministry partners.  It really impacted me and I thought it would be encouraging to you as well.  He had three main points:

1) Praying for missionaries matters more than you think.
2) Hospitality matters more than you think.
3) You're sending more missionaries than you think (or you're supporting more missionaries than you think).

I have seen all three of these to be true in my ministry to the Denton campuses.  Your prayers for our efforts on campus are incredibly important.  Sometimes we face opposition from students, parents, the university, and can even have disagreements as a staff.  As James reminds us, the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

On the right is Divine, an international student from Kenya, right after her baptism. Pray for us to reach more students like her!  
For those of you who have so graciously offered to open your homes and lives to our students, we are incredibly grateful.  This simple gesture goes a long way.  Often we are ministering to international students who have never set foot in an American home.

Matt and I with an international student, Tony
This is how you are sending more missionaries than you think you are: if these students go back to their home countries, they will have the chance to spread the gospel to places most of us will never go!

Matt and I with the TWU leaders I mentored this past year
Thank you so much for choosing to partner with me, and for your part in spreading the gospel to the world! Your giving matters more than you think it does!