Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer News

This summer is a time of transition for me. I'll be working on the FOCUS staff at Collin College starting in August and transitioning from my position at UNT. In a couple of weeks I'll be moving from Denton to Plano, and I'm about to start a new Speech Therapy job in mid July. Summer has been a lot busier than I initially thought it would be! A lot of my friends who have recently graduated are having trouble finding jobs and it reminds me to be thankful for the work that God has provided for me. Support raising has also kept me pretty busy and I'm thankful for those of you that are continuing to partner with me in my vocation.

We also have Summer FOCUS happening every Thursday night in Plano with all 6 of our campuses. I was surprised at the number of students that have stayed in town for the summer and are continuing to meet up. Our theme for the summer is Experiencing God, which goes along with the study that some of the students are participating in. If you haven't gone through the Experiencing God study by Henry Blackaby, I encourage you to do so! It has been a challenging and refreshing study for me. I am constantly being reminded that everything is all about God, and not at all about me! Some of the questions that stood out to me that I've been pondering include: Where do I see God working around me? What do I still need to change to go with God? Why do I not realize that it is always best to do things God's way? If I knew that all I had was a relationship with God, would I be totally and completely satisfied? Am I investing my life, time, and resources in things that will last or in things that will pass away? That is just a sample of the types of penetrating questions that this study has me reflecting on.

The main thing I believe God is teaching me this summer is that somehow, God has counted me worthy to partner with Him in the work He's doing in changing people's lives; and I want to give that work the time, energy, and resources that God deserves.  I think this statement from the study is a good summary: "God delights in using ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. Paul said God deliberately seeks the weak things and the despised things because from them He receives the greatest glory (1 Cor 1:26-31). Then everyone knows only God could have done something through them. If you feel weak, limited, or ordinary, you are the best material through which God works." Amen! Praise God that He still works through someone like me. I hope that encourages you as well. God wants you to join Him in his work. Look around this next month at where God is working around you and jump in! Don't forget to share your stories with me :)

Thanks for reading and for your prayers and support. I truly believe that your investment in campus ministry is something that will last. Let me know how I can be praying for you! Send prayer requests to danielle@anyfocus.org

Much Love! .