Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Winter Camp 2019--Danielle's January Update

We just got back from Winter Camp yesterday and it was so much fun! We had about 600 students from all of our FOCUS campuses in attendance. Dr. John Stackhouse, our camp speaker, is a current Theology professor at Crandall University and former professor at Regent College in Vancouver. His theme was "Confronting the Zeitgeist: How Christians Should Respond to Culture Change."

Dr. Stackhouse's Facebook post about our Winter Camp!

I have listened to some of Dr. Stackhouse's lectures prior to camp and they have been very intellectually challenging. He spoke to our students about many different topics: Why did God create humans and what are the implications? What does it look like to have faith and deeds? Why didn't God make you more beautiful than you are? Dr. Stackhouse is such a gifted speaker and was able to explain complex theological ideas in simple terms for us to understand. It was such a blessing to hear him.

Some Collin gals at Camp

Praise and Worship at camp was really special

These are some ladies that meet at my house on Tuesday nights

Winter Camp 2019

Winter Camp 2009...See the difference? God is good!
Thanks so much for your prayers and support of our students! Many of them were brought closer to God this past weekend. Here is our latest student testimony: