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Danielle's March Update

Hello friends and ministry partners! I have news to share from the past few months, but first I'd like to extend an invitation. Next Saturday, April 3rd, FOCUS is streaming our annual Showcase. The show must go on! Although we won't be sending our students up to Washington this year, we will still have a "SICM" style training for them this August a little closer to home (outside of San Antonio). We are raising money for this trip so that our future student leaders can prepare for the next school year and beyond. Please consider watching the event! There is an option to donate as much as you'd like! Here's the link for the big day: Here's what's been happening at Collin recently: Weekly Sunday evening "Deep Dive" event, where our staff does an extended teaching and preaching time outdoors A student in one of our cores wants to get baptized! Weekly "Tuesday hangs" on campus to meet new students and continue outre

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