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Danielle's September Update

 Hello friends and ministry partners! It has been many months since my last update, and since then I've had a baby, had a wonderful maternity leave, and am now back doing ministry part time! I have missed communicating with you via this blog, but I am grateful to have had the time to focus on the birth of my daughter. Eliana Guadalupe Clark is now four months old and we are loving life with her in it!  Navigating the start of the school year in the midst of COVID has certainly been interesting but we continue to find new and creative ways to engage with students on campus. Last week was the first week of classes and there are SO many neat stories of God bringing people together! Here are some highlights for you: -We prepared our student leaders to fulfill the mission on campus and online while maintaining safety with their peers. We are social distancing, wearing masks, and advising students to meet outdoors whenever possible.  -A story from a fellow staff member: "I had a rea

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