Sunday, October 2, 2016

Danielle's October Update

I had to look at my calendar just now to remember all the things that happened in September, and it was actually quite a lot. It's sometimes easy to forget what God has been doing in such a short amount of time when it seems like things are moving at such a quick pace. Just three weeks ago we had our very first TWU FOCUS meeting of the semester. As I'm sure you remember, I have been tasked primarily with leading the TWU ministry this year, along with my fellow co-worker Cody. TWU has been steadily growing since its start in 2013, and at our first meeting this semester we had about 50 students attend! With TWU being mainly a commuter campus, it has been somewhat challenging to get students to stick around for an evening meeting in the middle of the week. However, our student leaders are up to the challenge and have brought so many new students here. Our next TWU FOCUS meeting is this coming Tuesday, October 4th. If you could, please be in prayer for the students at TWU, men and women, that God is trying to reach out to this year.

TWU FOCUS students
One other bit of good news I'd like to share is that one of my student leaders, Hannah Diaz, decided to get baptized last weekend! This is what she wrote to God and read aloud to the community at her baptism:
"You were with me all along.
You knew of every struggle and every strife. 
You waited patiently as I turned away from you constantly, 
And you held my hand as I wandered through the darkness. 

I had no idea you were there. 
My senses were numbed by my sin, 
But you shocked me with your relentless love, 
And blood flowed through my body once again. 

My heart was once cold and rigid 
But now beats with a lively spirit; 
It changes everyday as I grow closer to you. 

How can it be that I am worthy of your grace?
There can never be a truth so good, so lovely. 

I owe you my whole life, Lord.
Today, I am honoring you and all you have done for me.
Today, I will bathe in your Holy Water and dedicate my life to you. 

May all that I do be in Your will. 
Thank you so very much, Lord. 

Praise God for how good He is! I'm so excited for the ways that God will work through Hannah, and for her to develop a deeper relationship with Him. 

Students at Hannah's baptism

Ann Haven baptizing Hannah
Finally, this weekend (October 8th) is our long awaited 20 Year Celebration! For those of you who are still on the fence about this event, or if you haven't yet RSVP'd, please do as soon as you can! I am really excited to see all of my old friends, current and past supporters, and all of their families. God has blessed me by allowing me to be part of this ministry and my life is now very different because of it. The celebration will be THIS Saturday at Richardson East Church of Christ in Richardson. The reception will begin at 4 and the celebration ceremony will begin at 5. I hope that you can make it! 

Much love to you!
<3 Danielle