Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Danielle's February Update

Our Father is so, so good! His Spirit has been working and changing people's hearts already as the students have settled back into school and community. In the last week alone, two TWU students decided to give their life to Jesus and be baptized!

Adriana baptizing Cristina

Brooke baptized Divine
A huge catalyst for changed hearts and minds was FOCUS Winter Camp a few weeks ago. Different members of our staff spoke about the church being the people of God. This year we had about 600 students attend! We increased by about 100 attendees since last year, which is absolutely incredible.

All 600 at Winter Camp

TWU students represent! 
Worship at camp
Each of the speakers at camp spoke about different roles that we as the church have including exiles, remnant, temple and family. A few ideas really stood out and ministered to me: You can't love Jesus without loving the church (his people). There is great cost to being part of God's family, but also great joy. We are bound by the Holy Spirt of God and he intends to bless the nations through us. We have sent our students back out on their campuses to do exactly that. 

God continues to amaze me with the way that he works through this ministry, and especially through your partnership with us! Thank you so much for being generous servants of our Lord! 

With love,