Showcase and SSI---Danielle's April Update

Thanks to all of you that came and/or donated to our Spring Showcase this year! The event was a total success. We are still working on the final amount that we raised, but it is definitely more than we made last year. Many of our students will receive funds towards their trip which will lower the cost significantly! Here are a few photos from the show that were highlights for me:

Two of the girls I mentor, Jordyn and Clarissa, performed a song together

This group of four grew up in our church family and are now in college doing Kingdom work. They are very musically talented too!

A sample of original art for sale at the show
Thanks again for your support of our ministry and investing in future leaders!

A week before Showcase we had a group of students from Western Washington University spend their Spring Break with us. Every year they send a group to one of our campuses to reach out to students that are lost or hurting. Here are some photos from the week:

This is the group that came from Washington. We took them to the Dallas Arboretum on their last day.

We asked students to share encouragements for their peers on campus and hang them up in the main atrium.

Many students stopped to share how God has blessed them.

This was as popular display: "Which issues do you wish to pray for or bring more awareness to?"

So many of our students were able to engage in conversation about spiritual things with their peers. 

Of course, we had to break out the T-rex costume for exposure. 
I was able to have some interesting conversations with many Christians and non-Christians on campus. One common theme we have seen is the number of students that believe truth is relative. This has been a difficult thing to combat as we seek to show students that Jesus is THE truth. Please be in prayer for our campus, that God would reveal himself as the one and only God that is love and truth. 

Thank you for reading and for your continued support! God has blown us away with his generosity this month and he has used you tremendously. 

Much love and until next time!


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