Spring has arrived! I think...

The weather has been crazy in North Texas this year! We have had some close-to-record-breaking cold temperatures mixed in with some warm days. God keeps reminding me of His awesome power when every day is drastically different. Thankfully we have had a few days of beautiful weather this week and I hope it stays this way! February was filled with events for the FOCUS community:

Pizza Theology
Just like last semester we offered a four hour teaching session for our students interested in going deeper into Biblical topics. Our topic this semester was the book of Exodus. I really enjoyed this opportunity to dive deeper into Exodus, especially after reading and studying the Old Testament for our intern class. Five members of the FOCUS staff researched and taught us how to look at Exodus, with the main goal of discovering what it tells us about the heart of God. In many conversations with students on campus a common misconception I hear is that God was a moral monster in the Old Testament. In studying Exodus though, we see how good God is. Time and time again God remembers, sees, and hears his people! We also see the connections between the story of Moses and the story of Jesus, an awesome promise of what was to come. If you are interested in listening to this seminar, click here.

Parent Night
Every year we have an Open House for parents and families to come and see what FOCUS is all about. This year we packed the room with families that attended! I was lucky enough to have my parents and aunt & uncle attend as well. Parent Night was so encouraging to me, not only because I got to meet so many amazing families, but because I could see how proud these parents were of their students. Several parents got up to share about how they were so grateful to the FOCUS community for providing a place for their children to learn and grow in discipleship. I wish that you all could have been there to hear the stories from parents and students about how lives have been changed. This is all part of why I love campus ministry and am so thankful to those of you that pray and support what we do on the campuses. You were in my thoughts that night!

Our evangelism events have continued each week with more exciting conversations! The main questions we were asking this month were, "What has shaped your view of God?" and  "What would it take to fix our broken world?" I was able to have a conversation with a Muslim student named Najah. I asked her what has shaped her view of God and she began to tell me about her Muslim background. An interesting thing about Najah is that she has actually done some research on her religion as well as Christianity, which is uncommon for most Muslims. She told me about the similarities that she has discovered in the Bible and the Quran. After a brief conversation about her beliefs I asked if she would be interested in learning more about Christianity while also teaching me about Islam. We exchanged phone numbers and met for lunch later that week. I am excited to share that we have now begun a Bible study that focuses on Jesus. Please be in prayer for this study and that God would reveal His truth to Najah as she continues to seek Him.

Coming in March
The students will be off for a week for Spring Break while the FOCUS interns continue our studies. After Spring Break we will have SSI Week, March 24-29. SSI = Student Spring Impact. Students from Campus Christian Fellowship at Western Washington University come down to Texas during their Spring Break for a week of evangelism on our campuses. This is one of our most exciting events of the year! The interns have planned some thought-provoking questions and displays to engage students in spiritual conversation. Please be in prayer for this week as the students from Washington, along with our students, walk the campuses daily to bring people closer to Christ!

Thank you immensely for the support that you provide to me and to our staff. We couldn't do this work without you. Please email me with any comments or prayer requests at danielle@anyfocus.org.

Much love!


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